Restructuring or downsizing is never easy. Take the best first step.

Outplacement options.

Companies who care about their reputation, about ongoing staff morale, retention and reducing the cost of such transitions, also care about their team members – before, during and after their tenure as employees. That’s what makes them Employers of Choice.

Consider providing outplacement/career transition services for those employees affected by the change. FutureWorks offers custom career transition services that ensure the dignity and respect for all involved in the process.

Our business is about supporting people and their unique needs when looking for work, not processing people through a program.

A successful transition process depends on working with someone who understands your needs as an employer and those of the individuals affected by the layoff. FutureWorks has assisted thousands of individuals that have been laid off. With assistance from a qualified career practitioner, your ex-employees will move forward faster than those who have had to fend for themselves.

We have 25 years of experience in the outplacement business and have a strong knowledge of where the jobs are locally, nationally and globally. We have kept current on the labour market through regular attendance at industry events. Attending these events, we have gained knowledge in the latest trends, needs of employers and learnt who is currently hiring.

Our outplacement services include:
  • Individual skills and career assessment;
  • Onsite, offsite, individual or group options;
  • Flexible career coaching along with a customized career plan;
  • Targeted résumé writing, LinkedIn profiles and cover letters that gain attention;
  • Advice from knowledgeable career counsellors who actively meet with employers to increase understanding of the needs of employers, that we pass onto our outplacement clients;
  • Employment correspondence advice;
  • Networking, recommendation on conducting an effective job search, interview tips and  techniques;
  • Assistance and information on how to prepare an effective job search and finally, to evaluate and to negotiate job offers!

To discuss your outplacement needs, contact Dorothy Keenan via email or call 604-618-3112.

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