Communications Specialist Résumé

Communications Specialist Résumé

Dylan has completed his degree in political science and is interested in pursuing jobs related to advocacy specifically for the South American community for an NGO. He is open to travelling to other countries and working at a grassroots level. He is bilingual in English and Spanish and has experience in writing and translating between the two languages. Most of his jobs had been on contract working within the university, and for politicians seeking to be elected. He also has worked on a contract basis translating for new immigrants to Canada from South America. 

What we did 

We emphasized his language skills, his writing skills and the technical expertise we had. We wanted to make sure we got a couple of his jobs on the first page but used the first half of the page to give a quick snapshot of all he had to offer. We highlighted his skills working in advocacy and with different groups. We kept the resume to two pages and made it easy to skim. 

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