LinkedIn not just for job search

Many people assume LinkedIn is just for people who are looking for a new job and often miss opportunities and learning. Understanding your purpose for being on LinkedIn and then creating a profile that fits is key to successfully using LinkedIn in a way that benefits you the most. LinkedIn is not Facebook it is an online business-networking source. Here is what you need to think about when creating your LinkedIn or changing the current profile to maximize results:

  • For Entrepreneurs: with a strong profile and actively participating in groups and posting interesting relevant articles you will raise awareness of your company and will bring business to your firm.
  • For Companies bidding on contracts: sometimes when companies bid on contracts the company looks at the LinkedIn profile of key members to see if they have strong skills and to determine the stability of the firm. I have seen this with engineering firms and social service firms.
  • LinkedIn as a learning tool: LinkedIn is a great source of up to date information in your industry and can connect you with people around the world to share knowledge and see what is going on in other parts of the world. LinkedIn has further strengthened the educational source with the purchase of and online learning sources.
  • Stealth Jobseeker: you may currently be happy at your job but think you might be ready for a new challenge. With the right profile, you can create an interest that draws in recruiters but does not tip off your current employer that you are looking for a new job.
  • Source of Contacts for family members or friends: who may be looking for work. The challenge for young people looking for work is the lack of contacts and networks. If you have a big network you might be able to connect them with someone who could provide them with information about the industry they are interested in working in.
  • Job seekers: LinkedIn is definitely a great source of information for job seekers. You can gain market intelligence; find jobs not easily found in other places, connect with old colleagues who may be working in an organization that you could potentially apply. By looking at other people’s LinkedIn profiles you can see what your competition is in your industry and will help you understand where you fit into today’s labour market.

About Dorothy Keenan of FutureWorks

Dorothy is a professional resume writer and career advisor with over 25 years’ experience in helping people find fulfilling work at all levels of the labour market. If you think your LinkedIn profile needs a tune-up or you are unsure how to even start contact Dorothy at or go to Changing your profile can lead to some great opportunities for growth or career change.

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash